Improving Retrieval Practices

By Dr. Patrick Whipple

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Narrowing the gap between research and the classroom is a tricky but worthwhile venture.  Current times reflect tremendous promise regarding the validity, reliability, and utility of educational research given the convergence of three major research strands– psychology, education, and neuroscience.  Insert the concept of Retrieval Practice. According to Agarwal and Bain (2019), “research demonstrates that retrieval practice is more potent than other techniques commonly used by teachers and students, such as lecturing, re-reading, or taking notes” (p. 28).  This professional learning opportunity will focus on defining Retrieval Practice, share some of the research that articulates the practice’s impact, and share strategies of retrieval that are immediately ready for classroom use. The purpose here is to arm instructional staff with research-based methods that, when employed, increase the likelihood of long-term learning.