Teaching with Decodable Texts

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This asynchronous session will examine the critical role decodable text plays in early phonics instruction. Research tells us that when students are still in the decoding stages of reading, they benefit from applying newly acquired phonics skills to controlled, decodable texts. This allows students to develop a sense of comfort in, and control over, their reading growth; as a result, decodable texts should be a key learning tool in early phonics instruction (Blevins, 2017). Participants will examine the current research around decodable texts and what separates strong from weak texts. This asynchronous session will also discuss ways to extend the use of decodable texts to build phonics fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

Welcome! This self-paced course is designed to explore using decodable texts. This is an introductory course that will provide a basic understanding. For more or additional information on any of the topics, please contact the course facilitator. Throughout the four lessons, participants will engage in readings, videos, reflections,  and multiple quiz-type activities that must be completed to finish the course and to receive CTLE credit.